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Voicecorps Online
Audio on Demand
An initiative of the Voicecorps reading service, Inc.
Columbus, Ohio

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Introduction and Overview

Welcome to VOICEcorps Online, an initiative of the VOICEcorps Reading Service. VOICEcorps is proud of its many years of service to Central Ohio and of this expansion to serve in new ways through the Internet. We hope you enjoy the selections featured here and find VOICEcorps Online useful.

The VOICEcorps Online web site contains many audio files available "on demand" at your convenience. Simply choose a navigation menu style you prefer and browse our site to find audio selections of interest to you.

Some people describe this web site as a book whose table of contents and index allow you to go directly to an article you desire. Others prefer to think of VOICEcorps Online as a large filing cabinet with many drawers each of which contain audio cassettes you can put on your computer and play. However you describe the site, simply click on any audio file link. Our server will immediately send it to your computer and in a few seconds you'll hear what VOICEcorps Online has to offer.

You'll need a reasonably up-to-date browser to hear VOICEcorps Online selections. If it's not already loaded on your computer, updates are available free of charge. Refer to your computer or operating system manufacturer for recommendations.

Menu Style Description and Selection

We have two styles of web site navigation menus available. Please select the style you prefer. These are also available from the navigation links at the top of this page.
  • Go To Table of Contents Style Menu  which lists major subject group headings much like the table of contents in a book. Click on a heading to move to a sub menu that lists the articles available under that heading.

  • Go To Master Index Style Menu  which lists all available audio files in a single, continuous list something like a book index. Related files are grouped alphabetically under common headings.

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